About the SFMC

The Sworn Few MC was born in November 2012 by a few very close, dedicated, and motivated (friend’s) brothers in Yakima Washington, who were seeking very strict disciplines and ideologies within law-enforcement motorcycle clubs (LEMC’s) that could not seem to be found.  The founders were all members of another LEMC club for some time, where they watched and learned many things that would ultimately help them in forming a brand-new LEMC.

The Sworn Few MC is completely independent, is affiliated with no other MC, and membership is for fully commissioned paid sworn law enforcement officers (LEO’s) or retired LEO’s receiving a full pension.  We are an extremely tight knit brotherhood of LEO’s from a variety of agencies that share a passion for riding Harley-Davidson or other American-made V-Twin motorcycles.

Sworn Few LEMC members ride our motorcycles confidently and safely.  Members are extremely disciplined in the way we ride and present ourselves.  There is even uniformity and standardization in the cuts we wear.  Sworn Few members have unique disciplines and ideologies that are strictly adhered to, thus promoting a positive image of LEMC’s and LEO’s.

Neither membership nor our colors are for sale and quality over the quantity of members is of the utmost importance. Individuals might earn their way into the Sworn Few LEMC and the right to call themselves such by meeting our strict internal standards. Members must complete an in depth screening and probationary period, as we want only the absolute highest quality members to promote a positive image of law enforcement. 

Additionally, if something is not earned, then it holds no value and is not respected. Quality of members is so important to us that a 100% vote of chapter members is required to obtain a hang around, probationary, and full membership status. 

Make no mistake, only the most dedicated, motivated, loyal, friendly, and trusting LEO’s will ever make it into the ranks of the coveted Sworn Few LEMC brotherhood, so please look elsewhere if you wish just another easy path in your life.  You may only reap and understand the true rewards of the Sworn Few brotherhood if you complete the required journey. There are numerous other LEMC’s out there that may be better suited for your style, so please look around and do your homework.

The Sworn Few LEMC’s internal structure is unique compared to all other MC’s and was developed so purposely. Each Sworn Few member is highly regarded and has a voice in club matters, as there is no “national board” or anything alike.  You will find no dictatorship within the Sworn Few LEMC. Chapters do have some common motorcycle club elected and appointed positions.

Sworn Few LEMC members understand that LEO’s and LEMC’s are held to a much higher standard than the general public, both on and off duty, and our members are mandated to conduct themselves accordingly. The Sworn Few LEMC has a very strict internal code of conduct that is adhered to by members. We support our communities, law-abiding motorcycle enthusiasts, and our brothers through our club activities and member actions.

Sworn few LEMC members do not associate in any way with outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMG’s) and/or 1%er clubs or any club that acts like or supports such. Such association is not tolerated by the SFMC.

Interested in membership?

If you truly believe you might have what it takes to be a Sworn Few LEMC brother, then you should develop your own plan to proceed from here and show us what you’re about. That is your first test.