San Gorgonio Mountain Sworn Few LEMC Chapter Final.jpg

San gorgonio CHAPTER San Bernardino County, california

The San Gorgonio Chapter of the Sworn Few LEMC was established in September 2017 and they are based out of the San Bernardino County, California area. The San Gorgonio Chapter was the very first Sworn Few LEMC Chapter allowed to form outside of Washington State. These guys are a true representation of what the SFMC is all about.

Any one of these guys can tell you that NOTHING is given to you in this club and EVERYTHING is earned.  There are no quick processes into this club and one can be VERY proud if they ever make it to a full patch member.  

Consistent with the Sworn Few LEMC Bylaws, these members are paid or fully retired 100% Sworn Law Enforcement Officers. There are no "exceptions" in this club.